Happy 73rd birthday, Sir Barry Gibb!

Barry Gibb in Japan, September 1973

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Happy 73rd birthday, Barry!

The photo on the right was taken in September 1973.  In Japan. 

Barry celebrated his 27th birthday as the Bee Gees kicked off their two-week tour of Japan that year.   On September 1, 1973, he did a concert with his brothers in Tokyo.

Another thing worth congratulating him for was the fact that his beautiful wife Linda was expecting their first baby – Stephen Gibb was to be born in December that year.

Later on, this period in their long and illustrious career was often referred to as "the pop wilderness years," but they remained as creative as ever, recording two albums: the legendary and yet-to-officially-released "A Kick In the Head Is Worth Eight In the Pants" and "Life In A Tin Can" which includes some of the best loved album tracks.

For more information on the four Japanese tours of Bee Gees, please check out our Bee Gees In Japan section.

In 1973, the Bee Gees gave an autograph session and photo shoot at YAMAHA record store in Shinsaibashi, downtown Osaka and many fans traveled also from Tokyo to attend it.  Even now we sometimes hear from long-time fans who were there how exciting and incredible it was to meet their idols and how young, gorgeous, and gracious they were in person!

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