[August 1973] Bee Gees arriving at Tokyo Airport

Bee Gees about to be mobbed by fans upon arrival at Tokyo International Airport (August 30, 1973)


Here’s an old photo from 1973

August 30, 1973, the Bee Gees arrived at Tokyo International Airport to kick off their second Japanese tour.  With their Tokyo Budokan performance from March 1972 televised across Japan, the Bee Gees garnered quite a few new fans especially among teenage girls.  You can see some of the hysteria in this photo.  The Polydor staff in charge was heard complaining that they got mobbed by screaming fans at every turn!

Partly hidden behind the smiling Robin is their father Hugh Gibb.  You can also catch a glimpse of then expecting Mrs. Barry Gibb talking probably with Dennis Bryon in the far background.  (Linda Gibb was to give birth to their first child Stephen Thadius Crompton Gibb on December 1 that year.)

On August 31, they gave a press conference at then Tokyo Hilton Hotel, which later changed hands and name and is now gone. 

[Photo: Courtesy of those connected with the Japanese tribute band The Bees, who were and are ardent fans of the group.]

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{BGD – August 31, 2015}


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