[From the Archives – September 1973] Bee Gees Tokyo concert review (2)

Bee Gees in Tokyo (September 1, 1973)
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Another concert review from the September 1973 tour of the Bee Gees through Japan.  

This one is also about the September 1, 1973 gig in Tokyo (where Barry Gibb turned 27 and the audience gave him flowers.)

My guess is this is from the Stereo magazine (November 1973 issue) because the clipping says it’s page 457.  Not many music magazines have that many pages!

Here’s the short but fabulous review:

Another act I saw this month was the Bee Gees, a popular trio of brothers from U.K.  They performed at Tokyo Kosei Nenkin Kaikan Hall on September 1.  They were in Japan last year, too.  The set list and procedures remained basically the same.  Once again they were brilliant singing and performing beautifully wistful pop/rock songs of youth.  Hey, they have written so many great songs, too!  Their stage was purely pleasurable.  Their sense of humour also stood out.

This short review from one of Japan’s established music magazines was short but to the point and highly favorable.  With a special mention of the Gibb sense of humour, it captures the pure bliss of seeing the Bee Gees in action.

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