First Japan Tour (Part II):Audio message from the Bee Gees

1972 Japan Tour program book
1972 Japan Tour program book

The program book for the first Japanese tour of the Bee Gees shows the Bee Gees as a foursome with Geoff Bridgeford. However, he quit the group just before the tour started and never actually set foot in Japan as a Bee Gee.

During the press conference, it was explained that, unlike Colin Petersen, he had been more of a session drummer and not exactly regarded as a member of the Bee Gees.

Whatever the situation was, this very old audio piece where the four Bee Gees spoke of their upcoming Japanese Tour was recorded in early 1972 and also features Geoff.

The sound quality may not be too great after all this time, but this may be the only piece where Geoff speaks to the Japanese fans of the group. It also suggests that his departure from the group was indeed a last-minute decision.

"To Our Japanese Fans" messages by the Bee Gees  prior to the 1972 Tour

While all the four Bee Gees spoke of how they looked forward to being in Tokyo, Maurice was the only one discreet enough to also mention "Osaka." We also love the perky way he pronounces the word Osaka!

Geoff’s departure resulted in the Bee Gees getting back to their original and essential form as a trio consisting of the brothers Gibb. It was to stay that way. Chris Karon played drums on their 1972 Japanese Tour.


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