Happy 68th birthday to Barry Gibb!

A beardless smile from the younger days

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Born on September 1, 1946, Barry Gibb turns 68 today.  A lifetime dedicated to music and family, Barry recently spoke of the possibility that we might never have seen him live onstage again had it not been for the fact that, by the tragic twist of fate, he became the last Bee Gee standing and felt compelled to keep the legacy of the Gibb brothers’ music alive.  But, when you are as talented as Barry Gibb, you may owe it to the universe and maybe to yourself to play on.  Happy Birthday to Barry!

We have recently received two pieces of news from Barry’s management in Miami.  Good or bad?  Well, "something in-between"…maybe? 

.With so many of you asking if there will be a Mythology Tour CD or DVD being planned, we asked the management about it and the answer is: "There are no plans to announce at the moment."  Let us hope there is an emphasis on "at the moment."  Who knows what the future may hold?

.With regard to the potentially planned visit to Redcliffe, Australia previously reported, "Barry said that he will go for the unveiling of the phase 2 of Bee Gees Way in 2015, however, despite the recent press reports saying that will be in February, at this point there is no official date/month confirmed." In other words, this is something we can look forward to. 

(Thanks: Dick Ashby)

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