Latest information on Robin Gibb’s final solo album

Work has long  been ongoing to get Robin’s final solo album released. Now it is getting finalized as Dwina Gibb has revealed to Express (online version dated July 13, 2014).   

The article states that the long-awaited album called "after the first house he lived in on the Isle of Man" will be out in autumn.

However, she is misquoted as saying:

"He started it when he thought he and Barry [Gibb] would get back together and it would be a joint album, but then he realised he was ill and so he decided to do it on his own."

We have just spoken with Dwina and she set us straight:

I didn’t mean it was going to be a joint album.  They got that wrong. Robin completed the album, but he did not bring it out because he and Barry were going to work together. They were going to do an album together, but it was not going to be that particular album.  But then Barry became sick, and he had operation on his ear, and then Robin got sick. So it never happened.  

(Thanks: Dwina Gibb)

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