BC Memorial Book with last photos of Robin available now

Robin in front of the Avro Lancaster

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Robin in front of the Avro Lancaster

In June 2012, Queen Elizabeth unveiled the RAF Bomber Command Memorial in Green Park, London.  The book about the cause with which Robin Gibb had actively been involved for the last four years of his life is now available.

Co-author Steve Darlow (Fighting High Publishing) wrote to BGD:

Early last year I had the pleasure of meeting Robin at his home to chat through the idea of the book.  He was, of course, undergoing treatment at the time, but he was able to give me an excellent account of his feelings towards the Bomber Command Memorial campaign, along with his support for the book.

The book is split into various sections, one of which is the story of the recent memorial campaign – raising the profile of the cause and raising the finances. The actual physical writing of this section was carried out by Jim Dooley and co-author Gordon Rayner (of the Daily Telegraph), and they based this upon contributions received from Robin.  They were also able to utilise relevant interviews that Robin gave while the campaign was running.  In addition to this there are some excellent photographs of Robin, for example one of him at the RAF Museum Hendon in front of the Avro Lancaster bomber, and another at the memorial itself in the final days of construction (Note from BGD: This is one of the last pictures taken of Robin).
It was a great pleasure to have Robin’s backing for the book and to have his input.  I have been involved in writing and researching Bomber Command for over 16 years now (my grandfather was a Bomber Command pilot) and I have seen various campaigns to recognise the exploits of the Bomber Command airmen come and go.  There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that Robin Gibb and Jim Dooley took the campaign to a whole new level and I do not believe it would have come to fruition without them.  I think I can safely say, as a relative of a Bomber Command airmen and from feedback I have received, that all relatives of those who served with Bomber Command are extremely appreciative of what Robin (and Jim) did.

With regards

Steve Darlow

(from the Memorial book)Robin with Jim Dooley

(from the Memorial book)Robin with Jim Dooley

Fellow campaigner and musician Jim Dooley (of Dooleys fame) sent us these touching words about the man:

Robin and I worked for 4 years together to build the Memorial and became very good friends.

I was also in a successful band with my brothers and sisters. As The Dooleys we had number ones in Japan in 1979 and 80.

Robin and I shared many similar experiences, so we had a good understanding for one another.  We also grew up in cities that were badly bombed during the war and shared common objectives in wanting to acknowledge the sacrifice of the young volunteer airmen killed in the war.

The book contains Robin’s thoughts and details of the work we did together.  There are also beautiful photographs of him not seen before. 

I miss my good friend.


Jim Dooley

Please visit the Fighting High Publishing website for details about the book.  To order, please visit the following links: For U.K., for Europe, for the rest of the world.

(Thanks: Jim Dooley and Steve Darlow at Fighting High)

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