Additional dates for Robin Gibb’s “Titanic Requiem”

Robin Gibb (Tokyo Forum, September 5, 2005)
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"Titanic Requiem" – Tickets for the additional Italian date now on sale!

As reported earlier, the Pescara date is now officially announced:

Pescara – December 5, 2015

Purchase tickets here.

Also, special tickets for Taranto are available from the Italian website Bee Gees Italy.  If you are interested, hurry and contact the email address announced on the above site. Sbrigati! (Hurry up!)

Also, we were told whether there will be any concerts beyond Italy depends on how well the Italian concerts will do, but it has just been announced that the German premiere will take place in Siegen sometime in 2016!  So please watch this space for updates.

(Thanks: Bee Gees Italy;

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