{September 2015} Bee Gees Way Stage 2 – Links to videos, interviews, articles, etc.

“There’ll always be a big chunk of me in Redcliffe… Maybe they (Robin, Maurice, and Andy) are watching this.”

Barry’s back – Watch again” (visitmoreton.com.au) – Watch again the complete live stream from the Bee Gees Way Stage 2 opening.
Barry Gibb returns to Redcliffe to unveil stage two of Moreton Bay Regional Council’s Bee Gees Way
  (Redcliffe Bayside & Herald dated September 11, 2015) – Online article with video and photos
Bee Gees Fever Takes Over Redcliffe  (Sydney Morning Herald)
Bee Gees Barry steals hearts in Queensland (News Yahoo!)
Barry Gibb melts hearts in Redcliffe (7 News Queensland on Twitter, September 11) – Scroll down to see the video.
Short radio interview with Barry Gibb  (612 ABC Brisbane) – Barry comes in at around 3:38 and 4:50 (same interview repeated twice)
Various photos at AAPMultimedia of Barry Gibb Brisbane and photos and videos including the entire live stream on Redcliffe Festival Facebook page.

As Barry himself said, “This is overwhelming”! 🙂

[BGD – September 12, 2015]

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