Robin Gibb Fan Club First Newsletter from March 1970

Robin and Molly Gibb from late 1960s

A real piece of history on the Official (News dated August 14, 2015) shows the very first newsletter from the Official Robin Gibb Fan Club from March 1970, when Robin was working on those songs featured on the new compilation "Saved by the Bell – Collected Works of Robin Gibb 1968-1970."  You can relive those exciting historical moments by reading the three-page newsletter.  



Robin Gibb Fan Club first newsletter – Page 1
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Robin Gibb Fan Club first newsletter – Page 2
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Robin Gibb Fan Club first newsletter – Page3
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In March 1970, Robin was just back from his infamous New Zealand gigs where some unbecoming objects were thrown at him while he was singing. 

Decades later Robin would say he remembered the occasion "very well," when he was interviewed for his then approaching solo tour of the country in autumn 2010. 

He had also just moved into his new house in Virginia Water where he recorded some of the "Sing Slowly Sisters" songs at his home studio.

The picture on the top right shows Robin and Molly together in late 1960s.  They went their separate ways in the early 1980s, but in the newsletter we can catch a glimpse of them as happy, young newly weds.

The newsletter images on the right are reproduced here through courtesy of, which in turn got the valuable piece of information courtesy of the private collection of Andrew Mon Hughes.

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