Robin Gibb Fan Club handwritten welcome letter {circa 1970}

Robin Gibb Fan Club handwritten welcome letter
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Following the "first newsletter" from the Robin Gibb Fan Club, there is now a handwritten welcome letter posted on (News, August 21, 2015).  It is also included in the cover art (inner sleeve) of "Saved By The Bell – The Collected Works of Robin Gibb 1968 – 1970."

Here is what it says: 

Hi there!
      I am very pleased to welcome you as a member of the club, and to know that I have your support.
     Sally Bridge, the club’s secretary, will be sending you newsletters from time to time to keep you up to date on my records and other activities.
     If you have any queries please drop a line to Sally!  You will find her very helpful!
     Needless to say I shall always be delighted to hear from you.  In fact, all your ideas, suggestions and comments are helpful, because after all it’s only by keeping in close contact with all my friends that I can tell, if you think I ‘m doing the right things

     Lots of Love and Kisses

      from Robin Gibb



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