Update on “Titanic Requiem” Italian Tour

"Titanic Requiem" promotion

As reported earlier, Dwina and RJ Gibb visited Italy earlier this month.  They picked up the Award for Interntaional Music for "Titanic Requiem" composed by Robin and RJ Gibb at Crisalite International Music Competition (YouTube).  While in Taranto, they also gave a press conference and announced the upcoming Titanic Requiem concerts in Italy (YouTube).

The News on RobinGibb.com (dated August 10, 2015) updated the information.  Currently on sale are the tickets for the following three concerts.

23 October –Taranto (World premiere)
14 November – Lecce
20 November – Napoli

The tickets for the Bari concert (6 December) is supposed to go on sale soon.  And the date for Pescara, previously announced for 15 October, is now TBA soon.

According to RobinGibb.com,

Additional concerts will be announced for 2016. The music will be accompanied by custom designed holograms projected behind the orchestra and choir.

We asked Dwina Gibb why  Italy was chosen as the place to kick off the series of concerts.  She said it’s  partly because of the special Italian connection: the person who prepared the holograms for the concert is Italian.  Also, Robin loved Italian food!  (That reminds me.  When Robin was last in Tokyo, he had spaghetti with mushroom in cream sauce for two days in a row as he thought it was "really good"! )

(Thanks: Dwina Gibb, Robin Hurley, RobinGibb.com)

{BGD – August 14, 2015}




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