Robin Gibb’s “Titanic Requiem” tour has been announced

"Titanic Requiem" concert in London, April 2012

Just as Robin’s "Saved by the Bell" compilation is getting released in Japan, tickets for his last work "Titanic Requiem" are going on sale in Italy!

According to Robin’s team, several concerts are planned for later this year, with the first two on sale now. Links (in Italian) are below for the concerts at Pescara (world premiere) and Taranto.
Buy tickets for Pesacara here (October 15, 2015)

And for Tarando here (October 23, 2015)

The rest of the dates have presumably been announced today in Italy as there was a press conference with Dwina and RJ Gibb.  

According to RJ Gibb’s Facebook post (from Puglia, Italy):

"there will be a world premiere Titanic Requiem concert with full holographic projection displays in Taranto at the Palamazzola. This concert kicks off a tour of concerts around Italy. That is the first tour. I was also very honored to receive an award for the Titanic Requiem for myself and on behalf of my late father for best international artists, a recognition for the Requiem I was happy to accept tonight in Taranto. There were many Italian passengers among the 1,517 souls who lost there lives on Titanic and this Requiem is for all who perished on board Titanic or who suffered the equally horrible fate of losing there loved ones in that way."

Ticket links to additional concerts and more information will be posted as soon as they are announced.

(Thanks: Robin Hurley)

{BGD – August 4, 2015}

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