Robin Gibb to appear with Soldiers February 13th (Daily Mirror 1/30/12)

Robin Gibb appeared in front of a camera for the first time in almost three months!  According to Daily Mirror (online version dated January 30, 2012) , due to the fight with illness his weight plummeted to 8 stones!  But he does look good in these pictures with The Soldiers, and it’s good to see him smiling again.

As reported earlier, The Soldiers are in the middle of their very successful UK tour.  Robin has now agreed to appear with them at Palladium, London on February 13th.  He is hoping to sing "How Deep Is Your Love" "Words" and a few others.

However, there is one surprisingly negative comment in this otherwise very welcome news.  A source is quoted as saying, "Robin’s a pragmatist, he is prepared to accept this may be his last public performance so he wants to give it his all.”   However, Robin’s office assured us that this comment is absolutely untrue and that he is really looking forward to sharing the stage with The Soldiers in February.

The Daily Mirror also reports that Robin now needs to sleep 14 hours a day.  So let us wish him a good rest and speedy recovery once again.

This is a charity appearance and Robin hopes to raise £50,000 for wounded UK soldiers. 

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