“Record Collectors” ad for “Collected Works of Robin Gibb 1968-70”

"Record Collectors" ad
for the upcoming Robin Gibb compilation

About a week to go until The Japanese version of "Saved by the Bell – Collected Works of
Robin Gibb 1968-1970"
hits the stores. 

As reported earlier, the current August issue of the Record Collectors magazine has a quarter-page ad for this forthcoming compilation: See the bottom right portion of the photo on the right.  There will also be a review in the upcoming September issue.  

The inner-sleeve photos are shown on the top right, and the "bonus" photo on the bottom left.   The bonus photos are those used for the original Japanese release of "Robin’s Reign" in 1970.  When we met with Warner Japan last week, we were shown the sample photos and they looked glossy and gorgeous

A little trivia: The photo of Robin used on the front cover of the 1970 Japanese edition of "Robin’s Reign" is supposedly from a photo shoot of the five-piece Bee Gees including Vince Melouney and Colin Petersen, and not actually from Robin’s solo period.  The photos from the same period are also used in the Japanese compilation album "Bee Gees Golden Album (SMP2037), and the Japanese edition of "Cucumber Castle" (MP 2088). 

In those days, due probably to the uniqueness of the Japanese market, the Japanese releases very often had different sleeves, and in some cases even different titles; for examaple, "Horizontal" was entitled "Massachusetts" in Japan, obviously to take full advantage of  the popularity of the song in the Japanese market back then.  The Japanese editions of "Bee Gees First," " Horizontal," and "Idea" all had different sleeves and/or photos in the inner-sleeves.

Over the years, the original Japanese edition of "Robin’s Reign" from 1970 became something of a collectors’ item.  To date, I have known only about half a dozen people who actually own the original version with its pink "obi" strip.  So, if you are a collector, the upcoming Japanese release will be a rare opportunity to get what is the closest to this rare 1970 version.

(BGD, July 27, 2015)

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