Robin Gibb’s headstone erected at St. Mary’s Church

Robin Gibb (1969)

Dwina Gibb just let us know that Robin’s headstone was placed at his resting place in St. Mary’s Church on May 14, 2015. 

According to the news dated April 27, 2015 on, the new headstone is "a tribute to Robin’s life as a Bee Gee," the fact he always seemed really proud of; and has titles of songs engraved at the back.  (Something Dwina had asked  us not to disclose until the time came.)

Avalanche,’ is now being streamed on, following ‘I’ve Been Hurt .’  Soon there will be another song.

{From BGD} Sorry we haven’t been able to update the site for a while. With the forthcoming box set, there has just been too much work and some of us have been ill from overwork.  Just as Robin told us in 2009, "when you have so much work to do, you really must think of your brain"!  (But it’s not like we have too much brain to think of any way!)

Right now, we are hoping to feature some old articles/interviews of Robin from the period 1968-70 in our archive section over the next weeks to celebrate the forthcoming release of the box set.

(Thanks: Dwina Gibb, Robin Hurley)


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