Happy birthday, Barry Gibb!

Barry Gibb (1969)
Barry Gibb (1969)

Barry Gibb turns sixty-six today. Happy birthday, Barry!

This has been such a sad year for us all.  But Barry inspired us again with his Opry appearance.

We hope the days ahead for Barry will be happy and peaceful, full of creativity and fun. 

Thirty-nine years ago today, the Bee Gees kicked off their second Japanese tour with a concert in Tokyo.

Barry Gibb at 27 was definitely the best looking man I have ever seen in my (quite long) life!  

Linda was expecting Stephen at that time.  And today marks their 42nd wedding anniversary as well. So double congratulations to you!

The photo on the right shows a rare clean-shaven Barry from 1969.  It graced the cover of May 1969 issue of the British teen magazine Rave.  The feature article inside is titled: "Would you marry a Bee Gee?"  A witness to their teen idol status in those days.  The newly-wed Robin spoke about "why his marriage works" with his then wife Molly, and the pre-Linda Barry spoke about "why his marriage failed."

I remember showing this particular article to Robin.  He went "Ooh!" and sat there staring at the photo of himself with Molly for quite a while.  I got the impression that it could be his favorite picture of the two of them.

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