Happy birthday, Robin & Maurice Gibb!

We would have loved to see you
growing older with every passing year


Happy birthday、Robin & Maurice Gibb!

Robin and Maurice Gibb, a.k.a. the Bee Gees twins, would be 67 today.

We used to lie there under the stars
We used to make believe they were ours
This was the love we thought could never die
("The Long Goodbye" by

Barry Gibb)


So set your eyes on
The distant horizon
We think of each other
This time of the year
So the autumn is the sping time
And the winter is summer

And the end of the rainbow is here
("End of the Rainbow" by Barry Gibb)


I’m not exactly sure but it was probably around the time when the album "Size Isn’t Everything" was released, Robin and Maurice were asked in an interview which one of them was the older twin, and their answers were typically funny and nice: (I remember because I transcribed the whole thing at the request from their Japanese label at that time.) 

Maurice: I sent him out first to check out what it was like on the outside. (I’m younger.)
Robin:  I went out first to check out what it was like on the outside. (I’m older.)

"I will be with my brothers again." (Barry Gibb)

{BGD – December 2016}

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