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Barry Gibb singing Immortality at Love & Hope 2012

Barry singing "Immortality" at Love & Hope 2012 (February 18, 2012)   Saturday, February 18, 2012, Barry Gibb thrilled the audience again with his performance at the annual charity event Love & Hope in Miami....

Latest from Robin Gibb

We are expecting the exciting announcement very soon of all the details regarding both the release and the accompanying launch event for Robin and RJ’s Requiem For Titanic 2012.       <<<Follow us on Twitter: Bee_Gees_Days>>>

Rhino Bee Gees reissue update

Rhino has made available some hard-to-find solo albums by Barry and Robin as digital downloads. Please check for "Hawks" and "Now Voyager" by Barry Gibb and "Robin’s Reign," "How Old Are You," and "Secret...

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