April 17–“Glee” covers the Bee Gees and Robin on Piers Morgan

We have been reading the news for some time that Barry has teamed up with Ryan Murphy, the producer of the popular musical comedy "Glee."  Now it is confirmed by the annoucement on Barry’ s site that the Saturday Night Fever songs will be featured in an upcoming episode of "Glee" that will air on April 17.

It seems the episode will have a special guest.  Is it John Travolta or…Barry Gibb himself?  You can vote here.  For now Barry is in the lead.  Everyone, please vote for Barry so that we will see the man himself!  (Well, actually, it seems the taping has already been done.  So the vote may not have an actual effect, but there will always be next time, and it doesn’t hurt to let the world know how hot Barry is, does it?)

In Japan "Glee" is currently broadcast on Fox Channel.  From April, it will also be shown on NHK’s E-Tele.  

Also, it is now confirmed that Robin Gibb will be on "Piers Morgan Tonight" on CNN on April 17th. (Source: Turner Broadcasting System) So that is a date to look forward to!

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