Robin’s Box Set: Have you noticed? It’s “1968-70” now!

It’s now "Robin Gibb 1968-1970"!
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Robin’s 3-CD box set can now be pre-ordered from Amazon

Have you noticed that it is no longer called "1969-70" but is "1968-1970" now?  That is because late in the compiling of the project, Andrew Sandoval, the reissue producer who oversaw it, "added some demos from 1968."  So the title of the album was changed.  It is now "Saved By The Bell – The Collected Works of Robin Gibb 1968-1970." 

The tracks from 1968 are the following from Disc 3: 12. The Band Will Meet Mr. Justice (demo), 13. The People’s Republic Poke Song (demo), 14. Indian Gin and Whiskey Dry 15. The Girl To Share Each Day (demo), 16. Come Some Halloween Or Christmas Day (demo),17. Heaven In My Hands (demo).

Click here for details about the above tracks. 

Indian Gin And Whiskey Dry (demo) and Come Some Halloween Or Christmas Day (demo)  should have been credited as B, R & M compositions, although only Robin plays on these demos.  So  a note has been added to  It explains the error on the writers for these two songs. (The package had already gone to production when this mistake was noticed).

And we can now stream "Return to Austria" on!


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