Robin’s Run200: Charity 200-mile run for Robin Gibb by Dwina Gibb’s relatives

William Graydon with Dwina Gibb

Photo: Courtesy of Robin’s Run200



Robin Gibb’s family recently made headlines in the U.K. press when news about his will was reported (Daily Mail online version dated July 23, 2013, etc.) .  According to the article, Robin’s will was changed in August 2011. (His family revealed earlier that at that time Robin was still in denial about his health issues and the prognosis and treatment came only in September 2011.)  The change made his widow Dwina Gibb the recipient of most of his 26 million pounds and the rights to his share of the huge Bee Gees back catalogue. 

Now, a charity 200-mile run called "Robin’s Run 200" is being launched by Dwina Gibb’s relative William Graydon, son of Ken Graydon who once co-managed Robin Gibb.

William Graydon starts from Prebendal in Thame, Oxfordshire on August 10 and runs 200 miles in seven days to the ultimate goal on the Isle of Man.  He has ony run a  ½ marathon to date, and has been training for the cause for some time. He will also be joined among others by Dwina’s nephew Steven Murphy who will cycle alongside him to give mental support. 

This event will support the following three charities, the first two of which Robin supported:

Hospice Isle of Man: Rebecca House 
Coming Home
Royal Marsden Cancer Charity

To donate to any or all of the above charities, please go to JustGiving website and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

William says: 

The idea behind the event was obviously to raise as much awareness and money for these three charities, all of which really make a difference to people’s lives. I also wanted to commemorate Robin, and what better way to remember him by helping the charities that he supported.

We are sure that is so.  Also, to reopen Robin Gibb’s website with the valuable reports of his activities could hopefully be another good way to remember him as a musician and artist. 

The 200-mile run will be performed in pink Y-fronts, because, as William Graydon says:

Losing all dignity as I run up the country will be worth it if we can help these three charities carry on with their great work.

Also, it has been reported that Dwina Gibb’s two books from her three-volume "Cormac" series will be re-published from Mythwood Books (The Wild Hunt、July 14, 2013).  They are her two commercially published books: "Cormac: The Seers" and "Cormac: The Kingmaking."  The Mythwood Books is the publishing arm of Mythwood Films, which produced the trailer for "Bloodtype: The Search" (Part 1 and Part 2).  Known for its theme, "Instant Love," which Robin sang with RJ Gibb, it was partly shot on location at Prebendal and featured RJ Gibb as a high-colored vampire lord.  Mythwood Films as well as the new Mythwood Books are run by Dwina Gibb’s friend and author John Matthews, and the third concluding volume of the "Cormac" series, "Cormac: The Sage," which she has been working on for the past thirty years, is also advertised as "forthcoming."

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