Warner Music Japan releasing 10 Bee Gees albums with original “paper jackets”

Following the re-release of four Andy Gibb albums in August, Warner Music Japan is re-releasing ten Bee Gees albums in their upcoming The Bee Gees original "paper-jacket" (mini LP) collection.  They are coming out on September 25, and the preorder started yesterday.

The following ten albums have been selected by Barry Gibb for the Japanese market.

WPCR-15261 Bee Gees’ 1st
WPCR-15262  Horizontal
WPCR-15263 Idea
WPCR-15264 Odessa

WPCR-15265 Cucumber Castle

WPCR-15270 Mr. Natural

WPCR-15271 Main Course
WPCR-15272 Children of the World
WPCR-15273/4 Here At Last …. Live
WPCR-15275 Spirits Having Flown

Unfortunately, no bonus tracks or remasters.  However, it’s great to have these back in the Japanese market, as some have long been out of print.  They are priced at 2,500 yen (approx. $25.00) each, with the exception of the two-album sets: i.e. "Odessa" and "Here At Last ….Live" that are 3,500 yen each.

The original red velvet cover for "Odessa" which Robin primly (!) described as "having caused trouble at the factory because the material got inside the underwears of the workers and made them itchy" will also be reproduced.

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