Two good news about Robin Gibb’s family

"The Last Confession" poster

Two good news about Robin Gibb’s family reached us from London this past week.

RJ Gibb and his partner Megan welcomed a baby boy Maxwell-Robin John at Portland Hospital in London at 5:50 p.m. on Tuesday, July 16th.  According to Hello! (online version dated July 17) the first grandchild of Robin Gibb arrived weighing in 8lb 4oz (3.8 kilos). Dwina Gibb was quoted as saying: "He has dark hair, like RJ’s, and I think his eyes are going to be dark like his, too."  And RJ: "I wish my father was here to see his first grandchild. He would have been extremely proud and I feel certain that somewhere and in some way, he is."

Another news is the Irish farce "The Last Confession" Dwina Gibb wrote in early 2000s will be presented onstage at Tristan Bates Theater in London July 22 through 27as part of the So & So Arts Club’s ‘A Kick Up The Arts’ Festival .  It tells of hysterical consequences of the confession of an Irish man who believes himself to be at the death’s door.  To book your tickets, please go to this link.

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