Barry Gibb “In The Now” newspaper review

"In The Now" review – from Nikkei Shimbun, Sept. 28, 2016
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Nikkei Shimbun Newspaper’s "Rock Times Review" on Barry Gibb’s "In The Now."

As a songwriter and founding member of the Bee Gees, Barry Gibb has given to the world such big hits as  "Massachusetts,"  "Melody Fair," and the "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack.  His new album, the first solo effort in 32 years since "Now Voyager" (1984), will soon hit the stores.  All songs were co-written by Gibb and his sons Stephen and Ashley, and co-produced with John Merchant, and recorded in Miami where Gibb now resides.  The famous Bee Gees falsetto, beautiful melody and harmonies are still intact and strong as ever.  One of the bonus tracks "Grey Ghost" was dedicated to Japan soon after the 2011 earthquakes and eusuing tsunami.  

The Asahi  (evening ed for Tokyo area) will also carry an ad, similar to the one that appeared in the Yomiuri the other day, on September 29.   So please check it out (but don’t buy up the newsstand, and give the world the chance to see the news)!

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