Barry and Stephen Gibb in Twitch Stream Aid March 28

Barry and Stephen Gibb went online in Twitch Stream Aid a little later than the scheduled 7:05 PM EST, Saturday, March 28, that is, around 8 in the morning March 29 Japanese time.  (For your information, here is the time schedule in Variety.  Thanks: Barry’s management.)  They did wonderful acoustic renditions of ‘Stayin’ Alive,’ ‘How Can You Mend A Broken Heart,’ and ‘Words.’

Barry seemed relaxed and literally (!) at home!  He addressed the audience to stay home and declared that he wasn’t going anywhere, either.  Although they were on Twitch, Barry made a mistake and said they were on “Stitch.”  As Stephen gave an affectionate grin, Barry hastily corrected himself and said it was “Twich.”  Such a relaxed atmosphere pervaded the whole performance, and you can tell by the way they use their guitar that they are as close as father and son!   As always it was impressive to see Stephen giving Barry a loving and respectful support.

The non-falsetto version of ‘Stayin’ Alive’ fitted such a mood well, attesting to the great abilities of the performers and the power and versatility of the famous song itself.  All three songs were well chosen, and oh-so! Barry Gibb!

Here is the donation link. Please check it out and, if possible, leave a comment about how you appreciate Barry’s appearance.

Also, during the set, Stephen asked the audience to “Check out Barry Gibb Official Channel on Twitch,” and announced that they would be adding more stuff there soon.  Here is the link to the Barry Gibb Official on Twitch TV.  Right now, there is a behind-the-scene video of Barry and Stephen rehearsing prior to going online.   Sign up to Twitch TV and follow Barry Gibb Official to get notified the next time Barry Gibb Official goes live!

Perhaps, they are exploring this new vehicle for the launch of the upcoming new album?  Maybe, just maybe, they will be doing more unexpected stuff like they did during Mythology Tour.  Anyhow, it was good to see Barry so fine and motivated.  We are looking forward to more good news, which is what we do need more of these days!

{Bee Gees Days}

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