Barry Gibb cancels duet with Chris Martin at Glastonbury?

The Sun reporting the cancellation


Rumors have been flying with speculation  about Barry possibly joining Coldplay at Glastonbury’s center stage on June 26th.  Now the British press reported that
Barry’s appearance has been cancelled…

The last time we heard from Barry’s management about the issue, nothing had been confirmed.  Still, there is a general anticipation for a surprise appearance among the fan community, but now The Sun (online version dated June 15, 2016) et al. reported that Barry was forced to pull out of it due to family illness.

Here is a quick summary from The Sun which has always been the primary source in this regard. 

Earlier this year I told how BEE GEES legend Barry had agreed to join CHRIS MARTIN and Co on stage for a medley of his greatest hits. It was to be the centrepiece of their set.

But a family illness has forced Barry to stay at home in Florida.

So Coldplay have had to re-think their set and find other guests to join them on stage.

My Glasto source said: “Barry has had to stay put in Florida as a close family member is unwell and he needs to be with them. It’ll be a shock if he makes it.
“He is disappointed as he was really looking forward to playing at Glastonbury.

“He’s a good friend of Chris and the band and didn’t want to let them down, but there is just no time for him to get to England to rehearse.

“Coldplay had planned a big, colourful set around Barry’s appearance. The medley was going to be in the middle of it all as a centrepiece. Now they are having to go back to the drawing board and think up a different surprise, which isn’t what they need when they’re doing a world tour“He is disappointed as he was really looking forward to playing at Glastonbury.

There is no official statement from Barry’s management about the issue.  If this is indeed true, it is certainly a pity that such a great opportunity is now seemingly lost.  The family illness is another concern.  We surely wish Barry and his family all the best.

{BGD – June 17, 2016}

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