Happy birthday, Robin & Maurice Gibb!

Maurice and Robin Gibb (1968)
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Happy birthday, Robin & Maurice Gibb! 

This would be their 66th birthday.

These are the days of wine and roses
And he who hesitates is lost…
Count the cost
Now you’re gone…

<from Days of Wine and Roses by Robin Gibb>


And with Lennon and Bolan gone
And the music their memoriam
The past is part of all our lives
And my brother Maurice is staying alive
<from Alan Freeman Days by Robin Gibb>


Barry Gibb spoke in his eulogy for Robin in May 2012 that nobody could know how Robin had suffered after losing Maurice.  The pain and loss are very much present in the posthumously released album "50 St. Catherine’s Drive."   Its third track Alan Freeman Days, which was also released as a download single in May 2008, famously includes Maurice’s name. 

<<Photo: from British teen magazine Fabulous 208 (issue dated Feb. 15, 1969)>>


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