Andy Gibb’s last interview: “I’m such a lucky guy” (1988)

Andy Gibb with Barbara and Michael Gibb
at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (1987)

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Weeks before his sudden and premature death, Andy Gibb went flying with journalist Malcolm Balfour over Biscayne Bay in Florida.  Here’s a summary from the latter’s portrayal of Andy Gibb as he was shortly after Christmas 1987, which was featured in the People magazine.

 "This is what has  taken the place of the drugs for me," Andy was quoted as saying as he and Balfour "took off from Fort Lauderdale Executive airport and headed for the sparkling Atlantic Ocean."

On the past, present, and future:

"The only time I get high these days is when I ‘m flying an aeroplane.  I can promise you one thing – no matter what happened to me in recent years, I’ve had 18 wonderfully clean months in Florida.  The furutre has never been brighter.
"I just know inside me that things will be fantastic for me when I go to live in England. … Honest, my voice has never been better.”
"I can just feel it inside me — I’m on the verge of a hit record."

The articles states that "supported by his brothers he had given a demonstration tape to Island Records early that month and had almost immediately been offered a contract."

About his "shattering love affair" with Victoria Principal:

"I can hontestly say I have never dared fall in love again, and I doubt that I will.
I mean, I date a lot – but nothing serious.
"It’s no secret that I was so devastated after the break-up with Victoria that I turned to drugs for consolation.
"Thank God that’s behind me now.  Frankly, I still love Victoria and I guess I always will.  I wonder whether I’ll ever have the courage to give myself so completely to another human being…"
"Love is so blind so I stuck it out.  I realized Victoria and I were different – I love the outdoors and playing sports, but she doesn’t.
"I never felt closer to her than I did when we were here (Miami) together.  We had such good times in Miami on the beach when she showed me around her old haunts…
"There were so many times when Victoria and I were this close to getting married.
"She was a most generous person. She knew I loved the water, and even though she didn’t like being out in the sun she once gave me a boat as a present.
"But as time wore on I must admit there were things about her that really got me down.  She was so petrified of getting old it’s ridiculous — But I love her and when we split I just fell apart."
 "I took her there to get her eyes done — to have her crowsfeet worked on.  Even though I told her she looked fantastic, she would hear none of it, so off we went together to see Dr. Glassman (who later tied the knots with Victoria Principal.)
"I should have known that’s who she’d fall in love with."
"It’s great to be back — to have my life together.
"You have to hit rock bottom to know what it’s like to reach the top.  But thanks to the love and support of my mum and dad and my brothers.  I’m definitely back."

About his forthcoming stay in Oxfordshire:

"Mum’s going to look after me and play mum.  I’m going to concentrate on music and I expect to have an album out this spring.
"When I’m flying, I feel totally free — kind of close to God.  I’ts so peaceful.
"There is no better way to leave your problems behind."
"We only go around once, so why not enjoy it?  I’ve promised myself that from now on I’m going to make the most of every moment  – I’m going to live life to the fullest."

Barbara Gibb, who was at the airport, watching Andy practise landings with his flight instructor, on her youngest son:

"He’s always been the same – always been the risk taker.  Frankly, I’d rather have him here beside me with his two feet planted  firmly on the ground.
"I just adore that boy – he has the kindest nature imaginable."

According to the article, Barbara Gibb had to be put under sedation after he died.  So great was her shock.

With his friends and family to call him a "fitness freak," during the past year in Miami Andy had been playing two or three sets of tennis a day with brother Barry or other friends.

"I’ve definitely got my act together now.  I had lost about 18kg during the bad times, but I’ve gained it al back to my best weight of 68kg. I’m totally off drugs.
"Outside of music I spend most of my time flying and playing tennis.  But I want to devote time to my wonderful parents.  They mean everything to me.  I am so lucky to have a loving family – I’m such a lucky guy."

(From "I’m such a lucky guy" Andy Gibb’s last interview, by Malcolm Balfour, People, 1988)

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