From archive: Bee Gees joined Andy Gibb onstage in Miami (1978)

Bee Gees joined Andy Gibb onstage (1978)
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During the height of Andy Gibb’s career, the Bee Gees were oh-so in demand.  So the four of them performed together onstage on very few occasions.  Here is one of them.


When Andy Gibb gave a concert in Miami the audience got a real treat because his three famous brothers joined hi onstage for "Shadow Dancing"!

(From "Superteen," December, 1978)

It feels like the saddest of the nightmares that of the four only Barry, the eldest, is with us today. 

With Barry’s appearance in Miami drawing so near, there are photos and news about the rehearsal and sound check on the Mythology Tour Facebook page, etc.  Kudos to Barry Gibb who still keeps on with the sun in his eyes!



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