Dwina Gibb on “I Am the World (New Version)”

Robin Gibb (Tokyo, September 3, 2005)

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As reported, "I Am the World (New Version)" is the lead track from "50 St. Catherine’s Drive" for the U.K. and the rest of the world except Germany. The lead track for Germany is “Sorry.”  Also, “Alan Freeman Days” is now an instant grat track in Germany where the presale for the album is particularly strong.

For the rest of the world, “Days of Wine And Roses” will be the second instant grat track after "I Am The World (New Version)."  Currently, you can listen to it on YouTube if  you are not in the area where it has been made available.

So we had a chat with Dwina Gibb about "I Am the World (New Version)."

Speaking from Prebendal, Dwina told us why she thinks the song is so special.

It’s the first song Robin wrote on his own and was on the backside of "Spicks and Specks."  So he had the lovely, childish voice. And now this one was sung in an older, mature voice. So there’s something very special about them.  It’s interesting that the first song he ever wrote and recorded on his own is now the last song on the album (apart from ‘Sydney"). 

Speaking of the last song, what about the songs Robin was reportedly writing for the new World War I project that he was planning to do with RJ? 

Oh, "Flowers of August."  Yes, they got someone tape some songs, because they were going to do the First World War album. But he hasn’t finished any of them.  They are all…you know, not as much as even "Sydney." 

Dwina played "I Am the World (New Version)" on her computer and I listened to it at this end of the line.  Then something unexpected and poignant happened.  She had to turn off the music because the one remaining dog, Missie, started crying and came over because she heard Robin’s voice singing.  "Just like the old times…," I said, with a lump in my throat, when Dwina explained to me what had happened. As reported earlier, Ollie, the other dog who was actually younger than Missie, died prematurely earlier this year.  The dogs seemed to miss the master very much.

Turning to a more cheerful topic, Dwina sounded proud as she spoke of the recent success of her first play "Last Confessions of A Scallywag."  It’s been so popular that the theater (Mill at Sonning in Oxfordshire) is actually adding some more performances, matinees and evening shows.  Dwina revealed that more than 9,000 people had already come to see the play and that someone in Hong Kong has also asked her to bring the play to Hong Kong, probably for expatriates there as the humour is reportedly very Irish.

The play was written several years ago while Robin was still fine.  At one time, Dwina even mentioned the possibility that Robin might provide music for its stage production.  But the play was not ready for production until after Robin passed. You may remember that there once was a section called "Last Confession," dedicated to the discussions pertaining to activities of Dwina Gibb, in the old forum of RobinGibb.com, now getting ready to be relaunched as a memorial website for Robin Gibb.

Dwina explained she started writing funny stories while she was growing up in the war zone of Ireland.  That was her way of staying cheerful, she said.  That’s also what she’s doing these days, writing comedies and funny dialogues to "shut away the reality."  She also revealved that in late 2011, while Robin was fighting his illness and going through very intensive chemo sessions, he was making funny home movies when he was home to keep his mind away from the reality.  "They are precious," she said, referring to Robin’s home movies.

Are they going to bring the Titanic shows to the rest of the world?

Oh, I hope so. Eventually. But with the economic climate everywhere, it is getting very difficult.  But I hope so.  And RJ is doing all kinds of magic and he is really brilliant. He is like Dynamo.  He also likes Cyril Takayama, the magician from Japan, very much."  

She also added, laughing, that she wanted the Japanese fans to know that she likes Japan’s modern artist Yayoi Kusama very much, and complimented on the "wonderful instant miso soup" she had while traveling in Japan.

With regard to the promotion for "50 St. Catherine’s Drive," Dwina mentioned she and RJ had just done an interview for a German magazine. I think this is the one.  (You can check out the photographs, even if you do not read the language.)  More interviews will come up nearer to the time of the release. Plus, of course, RobinGibb.com is supposed to go back online soon. 

(Thanks: Dwina Gibb)

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