Bruce Springsteen opened Brisbane gig with ”Stayin’ Alive”

Bruce Springsteen opening his Brisbane gig paying homage
to the legendary act from Queensland–The Bee Gees! (Feb. 26, 2014)

Bruce Springsteen who is currently touring Australia with the E Street Band played at Brisbane Entertainment Center on February 26, 2014.  Springsteen opened the set with "Stayin’ Alive" as a fit tribute to the legendary act from Queensland The Bee Gees, and the enthusiasm of the audience reminds us of how Barry himself was greeted onstage at the very same venue this month last year during his Mythology Tour.

Barry responded by tweeting:

Dear Bruce, just been blown away by your Stayin Alive. You brought it back to life.Thank you!

and John Merchant followed it up with:

Bruce Springsteen plays Stayin’ Alive? Now Barry should do "Born in the USA" in the US shows this summer!

Unfortunately, Barry’s US Mythology Tour will not stop at New Jersey where Springsteen is from, but we can always hope!   All in all, it’s good to be reminded what a wonderful rock masterpiece ”Stayin’ Alive” is.

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