Work is being done to finalize Robin Gibb’s solo album for release

Red Bus Recording Studios in London stated on Facebook (Timeline – January 2, 2014) that work is being done on Robin Gibb’s final solo album.

According to the post: 

We’re paying tribute to Robin Gibb at the studios today – And we have R J Gibb with us, with Savvas Iosifidis to master his unreleased tracks.

Go to their Facebook page, scroll down, and you will see (very casually dressed) RJ and Savvas at the studio. (It must have been quite stuffy in there!)

Further update (January 10th, 2014) revealed:

Red Bus Studios are happy to announce that it is the late Robin Gibb unfinished album "50 St. Catherine’s Drive" that will be set for release. The album named after the road in which Robin was born, is an exceptional collaboration between himself and his son Robin – John Gibb, who is currently recording some outstanding lead vocals on ‘Instant Love’ by the way. We couldn’t be happier to hear one of the greatest singer songwriters of our time work live on, with of course the addition of R J Gibb fresh talent added to the mix. Good work guys.

You can listen to the previous version of "Instant Love" with RJ lead here here. This song could be the reason why they use the term "collaboration."  The album itself will consist of the final works by Robin Gibb as completed by him.

The post from December 17 suggests that the album is set for release sometime this year.

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