The release plan for Robin Gibb’s last solo album

Robin’s last solo album, "50 St. Catherine’s Drive," will come out either in autumn this year or early next year, as Robin’s team of people working on its release let us know.  They are now looking at some options for the international release plan.

We made the inquiry since the Daily Mail article (online version dated May 17) came up with very confusing information that RJ Gibb is planning to release a new solo album of the same title.  However, the article was incorrect and it is NOT an RJ Gibb album, although RJ himself has a plan for his first "pop" album.  It was a simple mistake on the part of the journalist. (Somebody obviously has not done their homework!)

According to the artcile, RJ Gibb is now working on "World War I Memoriam" and has plans to include some pieces that Robin "had done in the past themed for that time."  He is also planning to name after Robin his first child due in July, who is to be Robin’s first grandchild. 

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