Video tribute to Robin Gibb (From barrygibbunplugged)


A touching video tribute to Robin has been uploaded on barrygibbunplugged on YouTube.  It follows Robin’s life from the wedding of his parents through his childhood and Bee Gees days, featuring "Heart Like Mine."

The video is simply titled "Bodding," the childhood nickname for Robin.  Robin used to have an email address (now long out of use) that began with BODDING.  I remember I found that kind of cute when he first gave it to me.

When Maurice passed away, Robin commented, "The Maurice I know is not the Maurice known to fans, but just Maurice, my brother."  And this Bodding video seems to be Barry’s tribute, not to "Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees" as he was known to millions and millons of fans around the world, but to his beloved little brother Bodding.   The time has passed us by since the days when Christmas Tree seemed so tall….

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