Samantha Gibb’s “Earth Day” song

Samantha and Laz doing the Earth Day song

Originally posted April 29, 2019, this is being re-posted at the top for Earth Day 2021.

In order to commemorate the Earth Day 2019, Samantha Gibb and Laz Rodriguez did a great music video together.  Enjoy!

I watch the raindrops

Fall along the leaves catch

The breeze as it comes in

From the west

I’ll watch the sun rise

As the moon goes to sleep I

See the sunlight hit the Earth like

Today’s it’s day

I wanna explore and seize the day

Give back more than I take

Happy Earth Day

It’s such a refreshing, sweet song reminiscent of the songs used in the 1971 film “Melody” such as ‘Melody Fair’ (Who is the girl at the window pane watching the rain falling down?) and ‘In the Morning (a.k.a. Morning of My Life)’ (in the morning when the moon is at its rest) .  It suits Samantha’s lovely, sweet voice so well.

Did you know much about Earth Day?  Well, I am ashamed to confess that I didn’t.  So I googled and found that it was first established on April 22, 1970.  Samantha put up the video on April 22 (Earth Day 2019) and let js know about it.  Because it’s such a great song well suited the occasion that I in my ignorance asked Samantha if it was actually an official Earth Day anthem or something, and her answer was, “It is an original song written by Laz and me. So flattered you thought it was a well known anthem-like song!: )

Well, don’t you think they ought to make it an official Earth Day song?

The video, shot in Ohio presumably using a drone, is also so lovely.  Thank you for giving us such a beautiful ‘First of May’ song, Samantha!

In a recent interview with Tim Roxborogh from New Zealand, which will soon be translated and posted in entirety in the Japanese section of BGD with Tim’s kind permission, Samantha has revealed that she is planning to collaborate with her cousin Spencer.  Now Spencer and Laz will be visiting her in Ohio in May, and she is really looking forward to working and spending time with them.

Also, a petition is ongoing at to get Samantha on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, so please be sure to vote.  The idea is to get Gibb Collective on the show to promote “Please Don’t Turn Out the Lights” album.  All you need to do is type in your name and email address, and press the “Agreed” button.  Uncheck the “I agree to have my name and email address published” box if you wish to withhold your name and email address from going public.

You can buy the beautiful Earth Day single digitally from Amazon and other cyber platforms for less than a dollar!

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