Reserve your copy of Robin Gibb’s Titanic Requiem Special Anniversary Booklet

Special anniversary booklet of Titanic Requiem
will be published


As many of you must already have noticed, the Titanic Live Concert website has now been launched.  The live concert project was stalled for some time after the Siegen concert was cancelled in May 2016.  However, various internal issues have now been resolved, and a new promotional team are working to realize a series of Titanic Live Concerts around the world, which will feature among others holographic images of Robin Gibb.  More details will be announced soon.

Now, in order to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the world premiere of Titanic Requiem in London in April 2012, a special souvenir booklet will be offered in a limited quantity.  

Details are to be announced, but because the number is limited, if you wish to reserve a copy, please go to the Titanic Live Concert website, scroll down to the Contact Form, and fill it in.  The promotional team will then write back to let you know all the necessary information including postage, method of payment, etc. as soon as it becomes available. 

This reservation is not binding.  You can decide, upon receipt of relevant details, whether to confirm the order or not. 

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