Dwina and RJ Gibb: Radio Derby interview

As reported earlier, in order to promote Robin Gibb’s "50 St. Catherine’s Drive," Dwina and RJ Gibb gave 11 brief interviews to regional radio stations. At this link they are talking to Andy Potter on BBC Radio Derby (First broadcast on October 1).

For those of you residing outside of the U.K., here is a quick summary of what they had to say. 

Dwina: Robin shelved "50 St. Catherine’s Drive" because he had been expected to work with Barry on a new Bee Gees album, but then he became unwell and Barry wasn’t feeling well at that time, either.  So the project never materialized.

RJ: We had a lot of time to think about the song selection for the album. My father had tried to put the album out again a couple of times. I wrote "Instant Love," "One Way Love" and "Don’t Cry Alone," a song from the Titanic Requiem, with him. I finished  production on the album in 2013 and altered the line-up of the songs, and "I Am The World" and "Sydney" are new additions. "Sydney" is a song my father wrote about his brothers

Interviewer: It must be very emotional to go through these songs and hear his voice.

RJ: We’ve never really put away his pictures or shied away from hearing his voice.  We’ve immersed ourselves into listening to his music after his death.
Dwina: It’s a pleasure to hear the songs in their completed state after hearing little bits when Robin was writing them at home. How sad it is to think about how many of the songs are autobiographical!

Interviewer: Are you listening to the songs now in a completely different way, as normally during the recording process they would be at arm’s length but now you’re right in the middle of it all?

Dwina: We’re immersed in it at the moment. It’s great to hear Robin’s voice and I love the songs on the album. It reminded me of the older Bee Gees songs as well, they were sort of story songs.

RJ: Every song on the album has autobiographical meaning or message that my father  wanted to put out, and that’s really poignant for me.

(Thanks: Michelle Gibson)

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