Tribute to David Garrick who sang “Maypole Mews” written by Barry Gibb

"Maypole Mews" sung by David Garrick

During the past weeks, we lost two people associated with the Bee Gees.  One of them is David Garrick, who passed away on August 23 at age 67.  Our prayers.

David Garrick released a Barry-penned song (*) "Maypole Mews" from Pye in February 1969.  Although his musical activities seem to have been restricted in later years due to health issues, his trademark vibrancy is very much pronounced  in this youthful love song.  (*The song is sometimes credited to "Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb").  

In its review of "Maypole Mews" (February 15, 1969), New Musical Express called Garrick "haunting" and maintained that the song was his "most commercial offering for a couple of years."  Here is an excerpt:

Written by Barry Gibb, it has a haunting melodic quality that’s typical of the Bee Gees.

     It has swinging strings, brass, and a rumbling beat that’s emphasized by tambourine.  David sings in forthright open-voice style, and there’s a la-la chorus that encourage you to join in.  Could do it!

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