Barry Gibb speaks about “new music”

Various UK media reported Barry’s plan for new music!

Daily Star (online version dated June 29, 2013) reports that Barry "has nearly finished his first solo album" in 30 years.  Barry is quoted as saying: "I might play some new songs when I tour in September. I haven’t decided yet….My new songs aren’t like The Bee Gees, they’re more of a fusion, incorporating new sounds of today. I’ve been writing a lot about real-life events. The world around me is inspiring me recently."

The article on Telegraph (online version dated June 29, 2013) supports this last quote by stating that Barry is writing about the highly controversial Jodi Arias case (Jodi Arias is now in death row in Arizona for the murder of her ex-boyfriend.) 

Reportedly, Barry is also working on new music about Robin, inspired by their life together.

“I’m writing about the events in my life."

“Robin and Maurice are always with me anyway, but they are influencing it; they will be part of it.”

Barry thanked Linda for "making him pull himself togeher and telling him to get up,"  and says: "I can make something positive from it, with the music." 

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