Barry Gibb on “The One Show” June 27, 2013

Barry and Stephen Gibb on BBC "The One Show"  (June 27, 2013)

Barry Gibb who is in London to pick up the O2 Silver Clef Lifetime Achievement Award was a special guest on BBC’s "The One Show" on Thursday, June 27, 2013 with son Stephen Gibb.  At the above YouTube link, Barry comes on at the beginning and also at around 14:50 to talk about his and his brothers’ past as young "tearaways" in their Manchester days and how the police came to their door to say that it was "a really good idea to immigrate to Australia"!

Barry said visiting Australia had been like going "full circle."  He had been to Redcliffe, where he and his brothers had first arrived as immigrants.

When asked it must be difficult to "replicate that sound," Barry said, "I can’t.  I could only be me." He referred to the wonderful "show band" where his niece Samantha is a fantastic singer, and Stephen had a wonderful "primeval" voice, and Beth Cohen is a fantastic "Streisand-type singer." 

"This is not the Bee Gees. I don’t sing what Robin sang. I don’t go into that territory.–If you are looking for the Bee Gees, that’s not what you are gonna get."

The show also gives you a short tour of the childhood home of the Bee Gees on Keppel Road. Incidentally, Robin made his last TV appearance on this "One Show" promoting his "Titanic Requiem" in an episode aired in April 2012 (see here) . 

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