Robin Gibb’s last personal message for Japan

Robin Gibb (July 11, 2011)

The picture on the left is from the video message Robin Gibb sent to BGD last July for the Japan tsunami/earthquake relief concert which exclusively featured Bee Gees songs.

As reported at that time, due to unforeseen technical trouble, the first message Robin sent us could not be displayed.  So Robin made quick arrangements in his busy schedule to send us yet another video message.  However, that did not arrive in time.  So we decided to show it at the next fund-raiser.

In the video Robin wishes that everyone will have a great night singing the Bee Gees songs for those who suffered in the earthquake and tsunami. Speaking of the victims, he says his heart and spirit are with them and sends us all his love.  He also sent us a short outtake version which shows a few seconds of "behind the scenes" Robin. 

He was already quite ill at that time, and we grew much concerned when we saw how emaciated he looked in the video.  He taped only a few things after this including "ITV Nation’s Favorite," which was taped on September 7 and  broadcast in December in UK.  In fact, it was after he finished the taping of "Nation’s Favorite" that he started to grow increasingly weak and was obliged to cancel most of the scheduled appearances.  So this short video message is actually one of the very few items taped during the last ten months of Robin’s life.  We hope to put up the entire video on our website soon.

For the March 11 anniversary of our Great Earthquake/Tsunami, Robin was also planning to send us a message that would be connected with the one sent by Barry (see here for Barry’s message).  However, he was already too ill to hold a pen and sign, although we could not publish the fact at that time.  But he kept sending us word that, as soon as he was well enough, he would send us a personal message for Japan.  The message was drafted, but Robin was not to be well enough to finalize it or sign a photo for us.  Also, before Robin fell ill last year, he was hoping to tour Japan soon again to hopefully give two concerts in Tokyo and two in Osaka. If only…!  Oh, if only…!

***Dear Robin, thank you for four beautiful decades of unchanged friendship. We don’t say good-bye.***

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