Robin Gibb funeral: To be reunited with twin Maurice (Daily Mirror June 3, 2012)

According to Daily Mirror (online version dated June 3, 2012) four purble gems were made from some of Maurice’s ashes after his passing in 2003.

His widow Yvonne, brothers Barry and Robin and mother Barbara kept one each of the gems, and for Robin’s funeral on June 8, they will be brought together in a symbolic gesture of the twins being reunited.  Robin himself kept his gem at the chapel in his Oxfordshire home.

Daily MIrror quotes a "family friend" as saying:

The stones are precious possessions for the family and in particular for Robin because he was so close to Maurice. He always struggled with Maurice’s death and he could never quite believe he had gone. His stone was a spiritual way of remaining connected to his brother and it is fitting that the stones belonging to the rest of the ­family will be at the funeral.

The Mirror also reports that the cortege will pass through the High Street of Thame where the singer had resided for the past three decades.  The local residents and fans will be able to line the streets to pay the respects.  (Please email <> for the detailed information on the route of the cortege.)  The private service will only be attended by family and close friends, but a public memorial is being planned for September at St. Paul Cathedral in London.

The main piece of music to be played at the funeral will reportedly be "Don’t Cry Alone," Robin’s last single from his last work "Titanic Requiem." 

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