{Urgent} Save the “birthplace” of the Bee Gees

Gaumont Theater known as the "birthplace" of the Bee Gees
(photographed in 1958)


Let the birthplace of the Bee Gees stay alive!

The building which once housed the Gaumont Cinema known as the place where the young Gibb brothers, who were to become the Bee Gees, stood up and sang in front of a live audience for the first time, starting their long and illustrious career as singers and songsmiths, is about to be demolished due to area redevelopment!

The photo on the right is said to have been taken in 1958; and it is even suggested that the three boys on the pavement could have been young Barry, Robin, and Maurice with their Mom and Dad.

The boy with the woman (Mom Barbara?) is Barry, and two younger boys crossing the road with a man (Dad Hugh?) could be Maurice and Robin!  I would say the boy with the man could be Robin, and the boy running by himself could be Maurice (poetry in motion!)?

Take a closer look at the enlarged and colourised version below, and judge for yourself, or let your imagination run free. 🙂

Are the boys in the picture young Barry, Robin, and Maurice?


Remember the opening sequences of the now legendary 1979 NBC TV Special about the Spirits Tour.  Yes, it’s the theater depicted there as the place where the three young boys performed for the public for the first time.

The theater has been closed and is now used as a funeral home, but Bee Gees fans from the world over still visit the place to take photographs of the building.  With the developer who now owns the building planning to sell it for redevelopment, the building with its history will soon be gone if we don’t  do anything about it now.  It is exactly like a Robin song ‘I’m Weeping‘ from the "2 Years On" album — "The street where I lived is blown up and gone and I had a good day crying and the world around us changed a lot."

And so a group of people from the local community have started a crowdfunding campaign to save the area and the historical building.  It is aptly called "Stayin’ Alive Campaign."  They are planning to turn the building into a place for community’s artistic activities which includes a space to honor the legacy of the Bee Gees.

You can go to Stayin’ Alive Campaign page and pledge now.  At this point, you will not be asked to pay or give your banking information yet.

As of yesterday, they were only getting close to the halfway mark of the target amount of 250,000 pounds, but with the help of the Bee Gees fans in the world and those concerned for the community, they had an "incredible day" as they put it and is getting very close to making the target!

The clock is ticking.  We need your help now!

{Bee Gees Days}


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