Barry Gibb recording with Jason Isbell?

Jason Isbell with Sir Barry Gibb!
(from Jason Isbell’s Instagram)


Jason Isbell, arguably one of the finest singer-songwriters of alternative country and four-time Grammy winner posted the following (and the photo!) on his Instagram on August 14th, which started the whole world talking!

Today I got to sing with Barry Gibb. It was a great honor, and also terrifying because in order to sing with Barry Gibb, you have to sing. With Barry Gibb. At one point I had the high harmony part. He was standing right in front of me. Sir Barry Gibb. 


To be really honest, I didn’t know much about Jason Isbell, but doesn’t he sound nice (and appreciative)!

Barry has been very vocal about his interest and admiration for country music in general, but his choice of a co-worker came as a bit of surprise. (online version dated August 15, 2019 stated "Even if you’re a four-time Grammy winner, singing with a Bee Gee is intimidating."  We like the fact that the article has the good sense to state that, while casual music fans automatically associate the Gibb Brothers with disco, "true songcraft scholars worship The Brothers Gibb’s earlier, less flashy ’60s work," and cites "To Love Somebody" as one good example. version dated August 15, 2019)writes:

It’s hard to imagine what Barry Gibb and Jason Isbell might be doing today. Maybe Gibb is making a duets album or something. But the world needs to hear what happens when he gets together with one of this generation’s finest country (or country-ish?) musicians.

And we agree that the world does need to hear what happens!

Because I was so ignorant I needed to check up some of Jason Isbell’s works, and it’s not hard to see why he is called "one of this generation’s finest country(-ish?) musicians.  Traveling Alone has these moving lines: "I’ve grown tired traveling alone, tired traveling alone, won’t you ride with me,"  which resonates with anyone who has followed the Bee Gees and Barry Gibb long enough.  Barry has also referred to his interest in mountain music, and it’s exciting to think what may happen when an artist of his calibre delves into the depth of his heart and soul to share the beauty and pain in it with the world.  If he takes up his inner journey in his solo efforts again as he did in the heartbreakingly beautiful and haunting ‘Diamonds’ and ‘End of the Rainbow’ from his 2016 solo album "In The Now"……well, we can always dream.

{Bee Gees Days}



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