[1974 October] Bee Gees Japan Tour tickets

Tickets for the Bee Gees "Mr. Natural" Tour in Japan


42 years ago today, October 23, 1974, the Bee Gees were in the middle of their longest ever Japanese tour, and playing their first gig in Osaka that year.  The second Osaka concert for that year took place on 25th, with an appearance in the historic city of Kyoto inbetween on 24th.

In those days, tickets were not digitally-printed as they are now, and very much analog and much more fun, even artistic, maybe.  The design and makeup of the tickets varied from city to city!

Couterclockwise from the top left – Tokyo (purple), Kyoto (green, showing the "reunion" picture of the brothers), Nagoya (pink), Tokyo (blue), Yokohama (brown), Shizuoka (green), Sendai (blue), Tokyo (special "Onkyo" concert; barely visible, grey) two Osaka tickets (center, blue), Tokyo (orange). 

{BGD – October 2016}

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